Merit Badge Counselors

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Troop 990 Merit Badge Counselors

American Business     Harley Walsh     78746
American Business     David Pacinda     78746
American Business     Mark Mendrys     78733
American Business     Edward Anderson     78733
American Cultures     Harley Walsh     78746
American Cultures      Sarah Benton     78746
American Cultures      Edward Anderson     78733
American Heritage     Harley Walsh     78746
American Heritage      Sarah Benton     78746
American Heritage      Edward Anderson     78733
American Labor     Harley Walsh     78746
American Labor      Edward Anderson     78733
Animal Science      Edward Anderson     78733
Animation     Mathew Nazareth     78733
Archaeology      Edward Anderson     78733
Archery      Mathew Nazareth     78733
Archery      Edward Anderson     78733
Architecture      Edward Anderson     78733
Art      Sarah Benton     78746
Art      Edward Anderson     78733
Astronomy     Steve Sullivan     78746
Astronomy     Edward Anderson     78733
Athletics     Blair Richert     78746
Athletics      Edward Anderson     78733
Automotive Maintenance     David Pacinda     78746
Automotive Maintenance     Sarah Benton     78746
Automotive Maintenance     Edward Anderson     78733
Aviation     Robert Mazzetti     78746
Aviation     Tom Bishop     78746
Backpacking     David Pacinda     78746
Backpacking     Robert Mazzetti     78746
Backpacking     Bianca Bentzin     78750
Backpacking     Edward Anderson     78733
Basketry      Sarah Benton     78746
Basketry      Edward Anderson     78733
Bird Study      Edward Anderson     78733
Bugling      Edward Anderson     78733
Camping     David Pacinda     78746
Camping     Mark Mendrys     78733
Camping     Robert Mazzetti     78746
Camping     Bianca Benzin     78750
Camping     Sarah Benton     78746
Camping     Edward Anderson     78733
Canoeing      Edward Anderson     78733
Chemistry     Steve Sullivan     78746
Chemistry     David Pacinda     78746
Chemistry     Edward Anderson     78733
Chess     Tom Bishop     78746
Chess     Edward Anderson     78733
Citizenship in the Community     Harley Walsh     78746
Citizenship in the Community     Mark Mendrys     78733
Citizenship in the Community     Bianca Bentzin     78750
Citizenship in the Community     Sarah Benton     78746
Citizenship in the Community     Edward Anderson     78733
Citizenship in the Nation     Harley Walsh     78746
Citizenship in the Nation     Mark Mendrys     78733
Citizenship in the Nation     Bianca Bentzin     78750
Citizenship in the Nation     Sarah Benton     78746
Citizenship in the Nation     Edward Anderson     78733
Citizenship in the World     Harley Walsh     78746
Citizenship in the World     Mark Mendrys     78733
Citizenship in the World     Bianca Bentzin     78750
Citizenship in the World     Sarah Benton     78746
Citizenship in the World     Edward Anderson     78733
Climbing     David Pacinda     78746
Coin Collecting      Edward Anderson     78733
Collections      Sarah Benton     78746
Collections      Edward Anderson     78733
Communication      Mark Mendrys     78733
Communication      Bianca Bentzin     78750
Communication      Edward Anderson     78733
Composite Materials     David Pacinda     78746
Composite Materials     Edward Anderson     78733
Computers     David Pacinda     78746
Cooking     Mark Mendrys     78733
Cooking     Robert Mazzetti     78746
Cooking     Bianca Bentzin     78750
Cooking     Sarah Benton     78746
Cooking     Edward Anderson     78733
Cycling     Mathew Nazareth     78733
Cycling     Mark Mendrys     78733
Cycling     Edward Anderson     78733
Digital Technology     Mathew Nazareth     78733
Digital Technology     Tom Bishop     78746
Digital Technology     Edward Anderson     78733
Disabilities Awareness      Blair Richert     78746
Disabilities Awareness      Edward Anderson     78733
Dog Care     Robert Mazzetti     78746
Dog Care     Sarah Benton     78746
Dog Care     Edward Anderson     78733
Drafting     David Pacinda     78746
Drafting     Edward Anderson     78733
Electricity     David Pacinda     78746
Electricity     Mathew Nazareth     78733
Electricity     Edward Anderson     78733
Electronics     Steve Sullivan     78746
Electronics     David Pacinda     78746
Electronics     Mathew Nazareth     78733
Electronics     Tom Bishop     78746
Electronics     Edward Anderson     78733
Emergency Preparedness     Mark Mendrys     78733
Emergency Preparedness     Sarah Benton     78746
Emergency Preparedness     Edward Anderson     78733
Energy     David Pacinda     78746
Energy     Edward Anderson     78733
Engineering     Steve Sullivan     78746
Engineering     David Pacinda     78746
Engineering     Mathew Nazareth     78733
Engineering     Sarah Benton     78746
Engineering     Edward Anderson     78733
Entrepreneurship     Harley Walsh     78746
Entrepreneurship     Blair Richert     78746
Entrepreneurship     David Pacinda     78746
Entrepreneurship     Tom Bishop     78746
Entrepreneurship     Sarah Benton     78746
Entrepreneurship     Edward Anderson     78733
Environmental Science     Mark Mendrys     78733
Environmental Science     Sarah Benton     78746
Environmental Science     Edward Anderson     78733
Family Life     Harley Walsh     78746
Family Life     David Pacinda     78746
Family Life     Mark Mendrys     78733
Family Life     Bianca Bentzin     78750
Family Life     Sarah Benton     78746
Family Life     Edward Anderson     78733
Farm Mechanics      Edward Anderson     78733
Fingerprinting      Edward Anderson     78733
Fire Safety      Sarah Benton     78746
Fire Safety      Edward Anderson     78733
First Aid     Mark Mendrys     78733
First Aid     Edward Anderson     78733
Fishing      Edward Anderson     78733
Fly Fishing      Edward Anderson     78733
Forestry     Sarah Benton     78746
Game Design      Edward Anderson     78733
Gardening     Harley Walsh     78746
Gardening      Sarah Benton     78746
Gardening      Edward Anderson     78733
Genealogy     Harley Walsh     78746
Genealogy      Edward Anderson     78733
Geocaching     Sarah Benton     78746
Geology      Edward Anderson     78733
Golf     Harley Walsh     78746
Golf     Blair Richert     78746
Golf      Edward Anderson     78733
Hiking     David Pacinda     78746
Hiking     Mark Mendrys     78733
Hiking     Edward Anderson     78733
Home Repairs     David Pacinda     78746
Home Repairs     Tom Bishop     78746
Home Repairs     Sarah Benton     78746
Home Repairs     Edward Anderson     78733
Horsemanship     David Pacinda     78746
Indian Lore      Edward Anderson     78733
Insect Study      Edward Anderson     78733
Inventing     Harley Walsh     78746
Inventing     Steve Sullivan     78746
Inventing     David Pacinda     78746
Inventing     Edward Anderson     78733
Kayaking      Edward Anderson     78733
Landscape Architecture     Sarah Benton     78746
Law     Harley Walsh     78746
Leatherwork      Edward Anderson     78733
Lifesaving      Edward Anderson     78733
Mammal Study      Edward Anderson     78733
Medicine      Edward Anderson     78733
Model Design and Building      Steve Sullivan     78746
Model Design and Building      Edward Anderson     78733
Motorboating      Edward Anderson     78733
Moviemaking      Edward Anderson     78733
Music      Sarah Benton     78746
Music      Edward Anderson     78733
Nature      Edward Anderson     78733
Nuclear Science     David Pacinda     78746
Nuclear Science     Edward Anderson     78733
Orienteering     David Pacinda     78746
Orienteering     Edward Anderson     78733
Painting     Sarah Benton     78746
Personal Fitness     Harley Walsh     78746
Personal Fitness     Blair Richert     78746
Personal Fitness     Mark Mendrys     78733
Personal Fitness     Robert Mazzetti     78746
Personal Fitness     Edward Anderson     78733
Personal Management     Harley Walsh     78746
Personal Management     David Pacinda     78746
Personal Management     Mark Mendrys     78733
Personal Management     Robert Mazzetti     78746
Personal Management     Sarah Benton     78746
Personal Management     Edward Anderson     78733
Pets      Sarah Benton     78746
Pets      Edward Anderson     78733
Photography     Mathew Nazareth     78733
Photography     Tom Bishop     78746
Photography     Edward Anderson     78733
Pioneering     David Pacinda     78746
Pioneering     Edward Anderson     78733
Plant Science     Sarah Benton     78746
Plumbing     Steve Sullivan     78746
Plumbing     Edward Anderson     78733
Pottery     Sarah Benton     78746
Programming     Tom Bishop     78746
Programming     Sarah Benton     78746
Programming     Edward Anderson     78733
Public Health      Edward Anderson     78733
Public Speaking     Harley Walsh     78746
Public Speaking     Blair Richert     78746
Public Speaking     David Pacinda     78746
Public Speaking     Tom Bishop     78746
Public Speaking     Edward Anderson     78733
Pulp and Paper      Edward Anderson     78733
Radio      Steve Sullivan     78746
Radio      Edward Anderson     78733
Railroading     Harley Walsh     78746
Railroading      Edward Anderson     78733
Reading     Harley Walsh     78746
Reading     Blair Richert     78746
Reading     David Pacinda     78746
Reading     Robert Mazzetti     78746
Reading     Sarah Benton     78746
Reading     Edward Anderson     78733
Reptile & Amphibian Study      Sarah Benton     78746
Reptile & Amphibian Study      Edward Anderson     78733
Rifle Shooting     Mathew Nazareth     78733
Robotics      Mathew Nazareth     78733
Robotics      Sarah Benton     78746
Robotics      Edward Anderson     78733
Rowing      Edward Anderson     78733
Safety      Sarah Benton     78746
Safety      Edward Anderson     78733
Salesmanship     Harley Walsh     78746
Salesmanship     David Pacinda     78746
Salesmanship     Robert Mazzetti     78746
Salesmanship     Edward Anderson     78733
Scholarship     Harley Walsh     78746
Scholarship     Tom Bishop     78746
Scholarship     Sarah Benton     78746
Scholarship     Edward Anderson     78733
Scouting Heritage     Harley Walsh     78746
Scouting Heritage      Sarah Benton     78746
Scouting Heritage      Edward Anderson     78733
Scuba Diving     Blair Richert     78746
Sculpture     Sarah Benton     78746
Search and Rescue      Edward Anderson     78733
Signs, Signals, and Codes      Edward Anderson     78733
Skating      Edward Anderson     78733
Small Boat Sailing     David Pacinda     78746
Small Boat Sailing     Edward Anderson     78733
Snow Sports     David Pacinda     78746
Snow Sports     Edward Anderson     78733
Space Exploration     Steve Sullivan     78746
Space Exploration     Edward Anderson     78733
Sports      Edward Anderson     78733
Stamp Collecting     Harley Walsh     78746
Stamp Collecting      Edward Anderson     78733
Surveying     David Pacinda     78746
Surveying     Sarah Benton     78746
Sustainability     Mark Mendrys     78733
Sustainability     Bianca Bentzin     78750
Sustainability     Edward Anderson     78733
Swimming     Mark Mendrys     78733
Swimming     Edward Anderson     78733
Textile      Edward Anderson     78733
Theater      Edward Anderson     78733
Traffic Safety     Bianca Bentzin     78750
Traffic Safety     Sarah Benton     78746
Traffic Safety     Edward Anderson     78733
Truck Transportation      Edward Anderson     78733
Water Sports      Edward Anderson     78733
Weather      Sarah Benton     78746
Weather      Edward Anderson     78733
Welding     Steve Sullivan     78746
Wilderness Survival     David Pacinda     78746
Wilderness Survival     Edward Anderson     78733
Wood Carving      Edward Anderson     78733
Woodwork      Edward Anderson     78733

Go to the directory,, for the Merit Badge Counselors' contact information.

If you don't find a counselor in this list for the merit badge in which you are interested, contact our Merit Badge Coordinator, Sarah Benton, who may be able to find counselors in our district.

Merit Badge Counselor Responsibilities

Merit badge counselors are the key to success in the merit badge plan. They offer their time, experience, and knowledge to help guide Scouts in one or more of the merit badge subjects.

The counselor's responsibility is to

  • Assist the Scout as he plans the assigned projects and activities to meet the merit badge requirements.
  • Coach Scouts through interviews and demonstrations on how to do the required skills of the badge.
  • Certify the Scout after determining whether he completed the requirements for the merit badge.

The counselor also agrees to:

  • Ensure the Scoutmaster has approved the Scout can start the merit badge and Scout retains a blue card with the Scoutmaster's signature.
  • Follow the requirements of the merit badge, making no deletions or additions, ensuring that the advancement standards are fair and uniform for all Scouts.
  • Encourage the Scout to keep track of his progress using the merit badge's worksheet.
  • Maintain two deep adult leadership at all counseling sessions.
  • Renew BSA registration annually and YPT every two years.

Registering as a Merit Badge Counselor requires these steps:

  1. If you haven't had Youth Protection Training  (YPT) in the past two years, do the online training at  
  2. Submit a copy of your YPT certificate with your BSA adult application, see the next step.
  3. Complete a BSA adult application with position code 42.  Submit your application to the Troop Committee Chairman or Merit Badge Coordinator.  This must be done, even if you are already a registered adult with the troop.
  4. Review the online The Essentials of Merit Badge Counseling training.  Be sure to read the presenter's notes below each slide.
  5. After completing the online training, complete the Merit Badge Training Form and submit to the Merit Badge Coordinator.  
  6. Complete the Merit Badge Counselor Information Form and submit to the Merit Badge Coordinator for approval.  Write "life experience" if you are interested in counseling a badge due to personal interest.  If the form does not allow enough room for all the merit badges you want to counsel, attached a list and make a notation on the form.
  7. In order to participate as a Merit Badge Counselor, our sponsor The Knights of Columbus at Saint John Neumann also requires completion of Ethics and Integrity in Ministry Training.  Training is provided free of charge and is held at different locations throughout the year.  Fill out the online application and then attend the workshop.  Check the Diocese of Austin website for current workshop times and locations. 

The Scout’s Responsibilities:

The Scout should:

  1. Contact the Merit Badge Coordinator to begin your merit badge. (Note: you can obtain blue cards from the Advancement Chair or Scout Shop.  You may also print a set of three cards on blue cardstock, front and back.)
  2. The merit badge  coordinator will suggest a merit badge counselor for your merit badge. (You can use that counselor or any other approved counselor for that badge. Approved merit badge counselors for all badges can be found in the list above.) Inform the counselor of your interest in the badge; their contact information can be found in the Troop Directory.
  3. Work on the requirements of the MB under the guidance of the counselor. (Scouts can and are encouraged to work on the requirements on their own after initially contacting the MB Counselor.)
  4. Keep track of all progress, preferably by using a merit badge's worksheet (you will find this simplifies things!) and inform the counselor when all requirements have been met.
  5. The counselor will inform the advancement chair that you have completed your merit badge. 
  6. Receive credit for the badge upon approval from the counselor and display it with pride on his Merit Badge Sash!