News Letter Blue Stem 2018

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News Letter Blue Stem 2018


Bluestem is always a fun campout. This is the campout that always seems to bring the troop together the most. When the temperature drops at Bluestem, all the scouts band together, and seem to get along. Every year it seems to get cold; but despair is not prevalent with most of the scouts, and most carry on with their activities.

            This year it was not as cold as it was in the past, and spirits were high throughout the camp. But as the day moved on, the temperature dropped. However, the energy of the scouts did not. We moved on with our activities, which included, shotgun, 22s, archery, welding, buffalo rifle, and forging.

My favorite of all the activities was shotgun. Also, this year some of us decided to play Swing the Thing, a favorite scouting game in our troop. This time, the welding and astronomy merit badges were offered. The astronomy merit badge was cut short due to the decision to leave Saturday night. The decision was made because of the expectation of below freezing temperatures and freezing rain the following day.

            Even though the camp was cut short due to bad weather, it was a lot of fun for everyone and was never devoid of activities. This year’s Bluestem camp out was very interesting and I am looking forward to the next one. Hopefully the weather is better next year, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Thanks to Mr. Frank Scofield for being a generous host, and for allowing us to camp at his ranch.

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