Bluestem Camp Details

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Bluestem Camp Details

Event Date And Time: Fri Feb 8 2019 - Sun Feb 10 2019

Registration Date : Mon  2/4/2019

Place: Bluestem Ranch in Kimble County

Time of departure/Place: 6:00PM 10th FEB SJN Parking lot.


Right on the heels of our successful January campout, sign up for our February campout is now open.

On Friday, February 8th we return to one of our most popular 990 campouts, Bluestem Ranch in Kimble County, Texas and return on Sunday, Feb 10th.

Bluestem is a backpacking campout and will include shooting sports, archery, blacksmithing, Forging, Dutch oven cooking, welding, Astronomy and not to mention Backpacking and advancements.

Astronomy Merit Badge: We have Tommy Simmons and Steve Sullivan who have agreed to help our troop scouts to earn thier Astronomy merit badge. If a scout is interested to get his Astronomy merit badge, then he will have to do some pre work. The details are posted:

Welding Merit Badge: quite a few scouts achieved their welding merit badge at Bluestem last year. If a scout has partial and wants to complete it, they have plenty of options. They need to bring their records to show what is not completed and show it to the instructor. They will either facilitate the completion during rotation or during free time.

There will also be opportunities for advancement and progress toward merit badges.

Everyone attending must complete the Bluestem waiver form is attached or can be downloaded from the website: Please scan and email the completed release form to Mathew Nazareth “ mnazaret64@gmail.comNote: Please use subject "Liability Waiver for Bluestem Ranch"

Bluestem is a backpacking campout where we will walk some distance to camp by patrol. Come prepared with all of your gear in one backpack. All meals will be provided by the troop.

Driving Directions to Bluestem Ranch on Google Maps can be found at and details can be downloaded from the website. Bluestem Ranch is at GPS: N30° 21’ 17.28” W99° 32’ 23.62 (N 30.3548 W 99.5398)

Attached is the detailed direction.

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