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HAVE QUESTIONS or NEED HELP?  Scan the list below and contact the appropriate Scoutmaster or Troop Committee member listed below.  

  • Scouts and parents interested in joining Troop 990 please contact our Recruitment Coordinator, Blair Richert (
  • New 990 Scouts and parents contact Parent Coordinator, Blair Richert ( and check out the New Parent/Scout page under the "INFO" tab.


Scoutmasters work directly with the Scouts

Scoutmaster:  Harley Walsh, 202-494-1914, 

The Scoutmaster is the adult responsible for working directly with the Scouts and deliver the Scouting program for the troop. The Scoutmaster trains boy leaders to run the troop by providing direction, coaching, and support.


Assistant Scoutmasters: The Assistant Scoutmasters assist the Scoutmaster in delivering the troop program.

Becca Helble, 512-695-6406,

Mike Kenney, 512-917-5235,

Andy Pastor, 512-413-9100,

David Pacinda, 512-797-7978,

Rick Guerra, 512-917-3532,

Chris Whipple, 512-970-7401,

Seth Harris, 512-586-4938,


Troop 990 is administered by the Troop Committee

Troop Committee Chair, Tom Bishop, 512-422-2601,

The Troop Committee Chair is appointed by the chartered organization representative and appoints the Troop Committee and Troop leaders.


Chartered Organization Representative, Joe Geisinger, 512-496-8847,
The Chartered Organization Representative is the direct contact between the troop and our Chartered Organization, Knights of Columbus Council 10836, St John Neumann Catholic Church. The Chartered Organization Representative appoints the Troop Committee Chair and is the organization's contact with the Bee Cave District Committee and the Capital Area Council.
The Troop Secretary keeps minutes and records, maintains troop website, and handles publicity.  


Treasurer, David Solin,
The Troop Treasurer handles troop funds, pays bills and maintains the troop budget.


Advancement Coordinator, Susan Barbour,
The Advancement Coordinator is responsible for record keeping and submitting all advancement reports to council. The Advancement Coordinator also ensures that the troop has boards of review, courts of honor, and that the troop has goals of helping each Scout advance a rank each year and for new Scouts to reach First Class rank during their first 18 months in the troop.


Equipment Coordinator, Ross Jessup, 512-517-5055,
The Troop Equipment Coordinator works with the youth Quartermasters and is responsible for inventory, storage, and maintenance of troop equipment.


Outdoor/Activities Coordinator, Joe Ogilvie,  
The Troop Outdoor/Activities Coordinator secures tour permits and permission to use camping site, serves as transportation coordinator, ensure a monthly outdoor program.


Recruitment Coordinator, Blair Richert, 214-682-5910,
The Troop Recruiter plans and leads all Troop recruitment activities and assists scouts and parents in selecting Troop 990.  The Recruiter is the primary point of contact for all visitors and scouts interested in joining Troop 990.


Training Coordinator,
The Troop Training Coordinator ensures training opportunities are available for the troop, maintains training records and materials, and is responsible for BSA Youth Protection training.


Scout Parent Coordinator, Blair Richert, 214-682-5910,
The Troop Parent Coordinator welcomes parents, keeps them informed, and encourage them to help with at least one specific task or project each year. Troop Parent Coordinator helps ensure a smooth transition of new Scouts into the troop and orientation for new parents.


Chaplain, Brent Wiltshire, 512-791-8410,
The Troop Chaplain provides the spiritual tone, guides the chaplain aides, gives spiritual counseling, and promotes the regular religious participation of each member.


Troop 990 is mighty by the efforts of other adult leaders:


Merit Badge Coordinator:  Venkat Subramanian, 646-645-1536,

The Merit Badge Coordinator is responsible for ensuring the scouts have access to multiple venues that sponsor merit badge work such as Merit Badge University, Hornaday Weekend, and the Microsoft Store.


Eagle Adviser and Scoutmaster:  David Pacinda, 512-797-7978,

Court of Honor Coordinators:   Valerie Andruss, 512-217-5641,   

                                                      Theresa Torelli, 512-304-9954,  

Friends of Scouting Coordinator: VACANT                                                       

Flags Across Austin: Becca Helble, 512-695-6406,

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